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offal and giblets
Frimosa casquería y menudencias bovino, ovino y porcino mataderos


In Frimosa we work in the food industry, offering offal and giblets from ovine, bovine, and porcine origin. Since 1985, we make the effort to work in order to guarantee the best quality of our products. Every day, we prepare and distribute our meat products with professionalism, with the highest technology and under a strict hygienic and health control to make sure our clients enjoy the highest quality and the best flavour.

Frimosa's premises add up to 4.500m2 of rooms and 3.000m3 of cold stores. We have giblets rooms in slaughterhouses in Vic, Mataró, Castell Bisbal and Burgos. Our headquarters are located in Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona), where the head offices are, together with other production, packing and preservation rooms.

The exportation of offal and giblets constitutes a business challenge for Frimosa, full of ambition and responsibility, and which requires a strict control of traceability. It is our perseverance that has led our distribution routes to expand from national to international level. Today we can find our products in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Eastern Europe, Poland, Russia, Algeria, Côte D'Ivoire, Ghana, Lebanon and China.

Both in markets and in department stores, cold storage facilities or catering services and restaurants, clients will find fresh and healthy products with a natural and homemade flavour.


At the end of last year, the European Union of Offals and Giblet was established in Barcelona with the French name of Union des Tripiers Européens (UTE).

FRIMOSA S.A. - c. Durán y Reynals 14 (P.O. Box 6), 08192, Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona) - Spain
T. (+34) 937 116 012 F. (+34) 937 121 946 email:
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