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offal and giblets
productos cárnicos de ovino y bovino productos Halal mataderos homologados


In Frimosa we care about quality and that is why we select the best raw material. We have the strictest quality certificates; we conduct daily self-control of finished products; we offer training to our staff of professionals, and we control the traceability of our meat products from the farm to the point of sale.

Frimosa's slaughterhouses and quartering rooms are approved by the E.U and they meet all the health requirements. Furthermore, the self-control program, based on the system of Risks and Critical Control Points Analysis (APPCC), written and tested by Calitec and Anabiol laboratories, guarantees the perfect state of the products and of the production's health conditions.

The specialized personnel of Frimosa work under strict hygienic requirements. In addition to the optimum industrial equipment in our installations and the established cleaning routines, we have controls of staff's clothing and hygiene. Furthermore, all of our facilities have a temperature control program to maintain the ideal climatic conditions of each production stage in order to guarantee the quality and preservation of our products.

At the end of the production process, we add a label to the finished products where we identify the stages they have been through, to guarantee the best quality and transparency to the consumer.

With the intention of serving the best offal and giblets, in Frimosa we have continuous technical advice in order to implement new quality standards that allow us to improve the processes of slaughter, quartering, production, packing and distribution of our products.

Due to the increasing demand of our ovine and bovine meat products from the Muslim population, in Frimosa we produce and distribute a line of Halal products. We rely on our qualified personnel for this purpose in all the production stages. The Halal stamp, visible in all products in this category, guarantees to the consumer that the animal sacrifice and the manipulation of all products are carried according to this practice.


At the end of last year, the European Union of Offals and Giblet was established in Barcelona with the French name of Union des Tripiers Européens (UTE).

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