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Catalan style tripe snack with a “butifarra negra” chip and tomato air

Catalan style tripe snack with a “butifarra negra” chip and tomato air

Serves: 4
Cooking time: 1:20h
Difficulty: medium

1 portion of cooked tripe, or “callos”
1 tray of calf’s head, cooked and cut
150g. of black chanterelles (mushrooms)
4 green garlic shoots
olive oil
1 ciabatta bread

For the garnish:
4 thin slices of “butifarra negra” or “morcilla”

For the “tomato air”:
100gr of dehydrated tomato
1 teaspoon of soy lecithin
1 bottle of sparkling water

For this recipe, it is advisable to start by the preparation of the garnish, because the rest of the plate can be made while it cooks. First of all, put the slices of “butifarra negra” on the baking sheet and cover them with another sheet. Put some weight on it and bake at 80º for 1hour.

Next, sauté the chopped garlic together with the black chanterelles, previously cleaned and cut into pieces. Afterwards, add the calf’s head (already boiled) cut into small square pieces. Season with salt. Let it cook for 20 minutes.

Aside, heat up the prepared “callos”. .

Cut the ciabatta bread in thin slices. On top, as if we were dividing the slice on two parts, place the “callos” on one half and the veal and black chanterelles sauté on the other one. Bake at 120º during 20 minutes (you don't have to take the “butifarra” out of the oven while the snack is baking).

In order to obtain some “butifarra” crunchy chips, leave them inside the oven until the very last moment, turning the temperature down to 80º. To make the “tomato air”, mix the sparkling water with the dehydrated tomato and mash it. Strain the mix in a sieve and add a teaspoon of soy lecithin to the resulting liquid. Emulsify with the mixer until it turns into foam.

Place the snack in the plate. In the middle of the bread slice, put the “butifarra” chip and decorate it with the tomato sauce. Serve before the foam deflates.


At the end of last year, the European Union of Offals and Giblet was established in Barcelona with the French name of Union des Tripiers Européens (UTE).

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